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Rules and How to Play Online Bingo
by richard

bingoFor those who are discovering traditional bingo games online are finding it to be a great way to socialize with other players. Bingo is a simple game to learn, so it is very easy to get started playing online bingo games.

It takes no more than a few minutes to establish a bingo account and on most sites, you will also be rewarded with a free bonus, so you have the chance to try the game without risking your own money. The rules for playing bingo online do not differ significantly from the rules that apply when playing traditional bingo in bingo halls.

Standard Rules

Online bingo is played in virtual bingo halls on the Internet. Rules and payouts vary from place to place, but fortunately there are often instructions that will pop-up whilst playing explaining the rules, etc. The cost of an online bingo card at bingo sites will vary but can cost anywhere from 1p to 40p. Most cost around 10p and prizes can be as high as several thousand pounds.

Popular Bingo Games

Bingo games come in two forms. 75-ball bingo games are popular in North America, while the 90-ball bingo games are widely played in South America, Europe and Australia. The 75-ball is the standard game of bingo that you see with a 5×5 card. And 90-ball bingo is played with a 9×3 card. When it comes to online bingo, both games are played the same way and are just as much fun to play!

Playing the Game

The way the game works is that the bingo numbers drawn one at a time. A bingo host will call out numbers such as B-21 or N-62 and so on, until at least one player has formed a predetermined pattern on at least one of their bingo cards. When playing online bingo, the caller’s voice is produced using the software. Do you have the caller’s number on your card? If you do, an auto-dauber will check this box this automatically.

The game continues only until someone completes a pattern, either horizontally, vertically or diagonally. When you receive this you should immediately yell “bingo” to make everyone aware that you won (done automatically on the internet). The bingo host will check the pattern on your card to see that it is correctly filled out. If you’re playing online bingo, then you don’t even need to call bingo and if you win prize money it’s instantly credited to your bingo account.

Before the game can begin a game of online bingo, you must of course purchase a bingo card with a selection of numbers on it. The bingo numbers are arranged in columns or rows. Online bingo players can purchase more than one bingo card to increase their chances of winning! When you have a winning card, most online bingo sites will automatically award your winnings to your bingo account.

Simple, right? Online bingo is quickly increasing in popularity on the Internet. You can sit at home and play in your pajamas instead of having to drag yourself all the way to the bingo hall. It is not uncommon to find special online bingo games with jackpots up to $10,000! And the best thing about online bingo is that it is open 24/7 around the clock. How’s that for all you insomniac bingo lovers out there!

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December 5th


Movie Posters
by richard

And so, you like movie posters? Which one in particular? There are a veriety of movie posters to chose from- form Fantastic Four to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie posters, for a kid and an adult alike. What you chose is not important- how movie posters hanging on your wall make you feel about yourself and the world is.

It’s hard to fight the obsession of the motion picture medium of industry in today’s society. Millions of people flock to this favoredmovie poster means of entertainment every single day. It is the largest source of entertainment worldwide… and chances are there are hundreds of movies in the genre that interests you the most. With dozens of genres-keeping thousands of special interests in mind-all ages, races, and mentalities can find something that they enjoy.

These types of images can show your persona while at the same time, giving a sense of the culture behind which genre most suits your interests. Because of the differences in the timeline of centuries as they’ve passed, each shows very unique and shifting contrasts. You can communicate a large element of your existence with the clever placement of your favorite movie sensations.

Movie posters as advertisement

Movie posters are sometimes made to advertise new attractions and to give people a sense of what the motion picture is about. Sometimes even the meaning is hidden, and so the purpose would be to intrigue people enough to want to see what the movie is all about. They may include a scene, or scenes directly from the film, but most focus on the actor/actresses involved in the story, with a direct front shot of their profile. In a sense, they instill a feeling of aspiration; feeding on-while at the same time giving-hopes, desires, wants, and wishes… and with that comes the longing needed to give the movie yet another new customer.

If you are really engrossed in a specific performer, and acquire some of their corresponding film memorabilia, you have a really good chance of getting an autograph on one of your movie posters or special message signed onto your depiction of their hard work while attending one of the many random and scheduled ‘fan signings’ and ‘special appearances’. Some may argue that this brings the value of your piece ‘lower in market worth’ but some others are not as concerned. The value of its memories and relevance to your personal experiences are far better with this sort of opportunity.

Movie posters and films as the role models

Cinema has a lot to offer society. It can supply positive and important role models, reaching a significantly critical general audience. Although if the premise of ‘unrealism’ is remembered, it can still be counteracted as an admiration of that person’s acting talents. If the performance is done superbly, then the whole story will absorb you into it and give you the mindset similar to that conveyed within the confounds of its presentation. This means that it could ‘put you in another’s shoes’… helping you to further understand the emotional investments and points of view as experienced by the characters.

The main characters’ job is to bring a connection between all the events of the story. They make you more familiar with them as a person and what important role they play in the whole process. With this in mind, most all movie posters and the images contained are a photo of these particular people. This helps people personify their idea of a role model embodying the characteristics and movie postermannerisms that they hold vital to their sense of worth.

Movie posters as a symbol of entertainment

Motion pictures have entertained the outgoing populace for over a century. For the young, it’s a means to get out into society unaccompanied, finding ways to enjoy life outside the everyday routine at home and out of the grasp of their parental units. Solitude and freedom at that vital age of discovery can be accommodated by this means of entertainment. For adults, however, this can be an escape from the stress of work, home, finances, parenting, and almost every obligation you can think of. This simple, flexible, and convenient type of amusement lends a distraction from the stressful responsibilities that come with maturity and conventionalism. It is made easy to all of the public which only takes up to two hours of your time, or you also have the option of taking these movies to the comfort of your own home, and viewed at your own pace, for a little less money. Nothing can beat options, and in relation of the two, you can accommodate your specific needs of time management to your way of life.

Movie posters, films and literature

Another great connection to the theater aspect of films is the stories most of them originate from-in literature from the ages. How can reviving a thousand year old legend be brought into today’s societal collective understanding and peak at least a significant amount of interest? It can be supported through the venue of the movie industry, of course. Let’s face it- most all of the people of today have a favorite story that was told to them as a child or young adult, and it can be an enjoyable surprise to witness the three-dimensional aspect of the motion picture version, giving us a perspective or two from very talented minds and abilities beyond the reaches of our own individual creativity; the separate interpretation that we build in our minds can be expanded into a completely different world when we subject it to the interpretation of another.

Sometimes films are imitated (which we refer to as ‘remakes’) and made into a newer version so that they may be benefited by the movie posteradvances of technology. Some prime examples of this are the movies named ‘Walking Tall’ and ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’. Depending on each person’s interests, age, and influence, this will change which generational version that an individual likes best. While some may like ‘film noir’ (which is black and white, primarily used in early century projected movies), others may like newer, digitally remastered versions of the very same movie more because of the love that younger generations connect to the progressive improvements of time.

No matter what your preferences are, the point remains the same: the availability of movie posters is enormous in scale, which allow for a wide variety of acceptance-in individuals and in the masses-and with the impressive images that are used to display these many talents and story performances, you will have a hard time finding an excuse not to get your own movie posters to admire and make an impression.

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June 6th


Is Modern Culture Really That Bad?
by richard

Ask anyone over the age of 50, and they will say that today’s culture is the worst in history. They will talk about the good old days when things were better. The problem with doing this is people see the past through rose-coloured glasses. They see a world that was better than it maybe was in the past.

Sure, maybe manners have fallen a bit, and we all stare at our phones a bit too much, but is it really that bad? People used to stare into their newspapers the same way people stare at phones. It is just a progression.

So, is modern culture really that bad or are we living in the best time in human history?

First, let’s define modern culture. Modern culture is the way of life, along with our behavioural patterns, our skills and our institutions for the modern world. Modern culture is often defined as the modern, more civilized, way of doing things.

Modern culture often goes up against traditional culture, which is the culture of the past, the culture of traditions. Traditional culture is sometimes seen as archaic, but many feel it was better.

Let’s look at the claims.

1. People were nicer to each other in the past: Is this really the case? If we look back just half a century, we have the civil rights movement, with African Americans struggling to be recognized as equals among the population. Homosexual people were viewed as deviants, and women were not in the workplace, and if they were, they were seen as inferior. Today’s culture is completely different. Today, we have an African American president, along with many leaders who are African American both in politics and elsewhere.

Women are also leading, with many serving as governors of their states, as well as leaders of countries elsewhere in the world. Homosexuals are also allowed to marry now in many states, and many are also leaders, including the former mayor of Portland. So, it could be argued that modern culture is better than traditional culture because people treat each other better these days.

2. Kids today are way worse than in the past: Every generation says this about the generation before them, but is it true? Kids today do seem entitled by some, but that is only because they want to take their own life in their own hands. They don’t want to work a factory job for 40 years, only to lose their pension or be fired for no reason.

They have seen it happen to their grandparents and parents, and they don’t trust companies as a result. They are being wise, not foolish. In addition, youth crime has continually fallen in past years, and there are many, many examples of kids today making the world a better place.

3. Crime is worse in modern culture: This is completely wrong. In fact, violent crime reached its highest point in modern society around the 1920s and 1930s, as well as the 1970s. Today though, crime has fallen to all-time lows and most cities in the United States now have crime levels on par with the 1960s, except modern cities have much higher populations, which makes today even safer than the 1960s.

Looking at wars, apart from the Iraq War, the number of conflicts around the world have fallen as well. Studies have been done and have found that today is actually the safest time to be alive in all of human history.

4. People are fixated on technology in modern culture: Yes, we are, but so has every other generation. Before the Internet, it was television ruining the minds of the youth. Before that, it was radio, and before that it was movies. People tend to attack new technologies as something bad because it is something new.

In fact, today’s technology has allowed us to come together more than ever before, and it has connected the world in a way that has never been seen in all of human history. Today, you can learn about a culture somewhere else, simply by talking to someone from that culture, through the Internet. It helps unite us all.

While many will decry modern culture, modern culture is actually quite good. We treat each other, and the natural world better. We don’t hunt whales anymore, don’t sexual harass women in the workplace, don’t practice racism and we are working to make the world a better place.

Is modern culture really that bad? The short answer is that no, it is not.

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June 4th