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More Reasons To Fall In Love With Thailand
by richard

People often ask why Thailand is a good place to go for vacation, when there are so many places to go in Asia. Believe it or not, Thailand is one of the richest countries when it comes to culture.

The moment you arrive in Thailand; you will feel its majestic aura right away. Aside from island destinations, there are so many reasons why going to Thailand will be a very memorable trip. Here are the other reasons why you will love Thailand.

Their Delicious Food

The Thai food that we have here is delicious. But the real Thai food in Thailand is superb! You will never experience real Thai food unless you really eat in one of Thailand’s local restaurants. You will immediately taste the difference in their flavors.

Eating their food is like having a celebration in your mouth. Just remember that most of their dishes are spicy. So you need to order them “mai pet” which denotes “not spicy”. This is true especially if you have a low tolerance over spicy dishes.

Even dietary supplements like curcumin supplements are made from some of these spices as science has recently ascertained that these products have numerous beneficial health properties.

The street food stalls in Thailand serve the best and the cheapest meals you can have. It doesn’t matter if it is early in the morning or midnight, there is always food wherever you go. You can even find Japanese and Indian food in Thailand!

Their Weather

Now, for some people who rarely see the sun, a place like Thailand is a paradise! Going to the tropics can be one of the most exciting things a person can do when he rarely sees any sun. Thailand is also a good place to go for people who simply love warm weathers. This beautiful country only experiences cold weather during December and January.

Their People

The locals are incredibly hospitable. You will experience a different level of camaraderie in Thailand. Every person seems to help one another. People are so polite and cheerful! They will even help you out if you need someone to translate for you. They treat you really well. When you come in the local shops, they greet you with the biggest smiles you’ll ever see.

It’s Perfect For Travelling

If you are planning to hop from one destination to another, Thailand is the place to go. It is literally in the middle of everything. It is four hours from Bali, two hours from Singapore, three hours from Hong Kong and Australia and Europe is literally halfway in between! If you are a traveller who likes to move from one place to another for a cheaper cost, this is the place to go! It will only cost you $120 to go to Singapore. And that is already a round trip.

It’s Inexpensive.

If you are a student or someone who is in a tight budget but wants to travel to see the world, Thailand should be at the top of your list. It is cheap to visit and live there. You can spend as low as $10 for a night in a private room. You can also rent a bungalow hut near the beach for as low as $15. If you plan to stay longer, you can rent an apartment in Bangkok in an average of $300 per month.

Plus, the place is more spacious than you think! You can budget around $5 for your food for the entire day – that is 3 meals plus snacks!

Some people not just visit Thailand, they make an extended stay from a few months to a few years, and some never come back (this tells how great this country is). So if you want to give it a try, leave your house, put your belongings in a local storage facility, and buy your ticket. You will not regret it.

Each country is amazing in its own right. But Thailand, is definitely a place you should go if you are staying on a tight budget. You will surely love it as much as we all do.


April 11th