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5 Useful Tips For Buying Your First Home
by richard

One of the best feelings as an adult is when you leave the rental style life behind you. On average, first-time home buyers are at around 33 years of age in the USA. Though this age is relatively young for a critical life choice such as this, buying a home at any age can still be equally time-consuming and stressful.

To finally put your life as a tenant behind you, here are some useful tips to help you be prepared for your first home purchase.

Find Out Your Credit Score

Buying a home may require you to take a loan to be able to pay the mortgage, and you cannot do this smoothly if you have a hanging credit score. Work on your score and address the negative elements before you put in a downpayment on your house. A credit score of 740 and above is considered the ideal mortgage range.

If you have a score lower than this, do not worry. You can still qualify for loan approval. However, this would cause you to pay for a higher APR or also called the Annual Percentage Rate. Settle your credit card bills and outstanding loans on time. That way, you keep improving your credit score. Remember, the lower your APR is, the cheaper monthly mortgage payments will be.

Save Money Early On

One of the first things an adult must do to become financially stable is to open a savings account and actually put some money in it. This means a percentage of your monthly paycheck should always end up to your bank to help you prepare for the big day when purchasing your first house.

Every buyer should have at least 10 percent of the asking price of the property in their bank accounts. But if you belong to the low-income buyers, do not feel discouraged. There are mortgage programs that allow you to acquire your first home with a lower down payment. All you have to prepare for is to qualify for these mortgage programs while continuously saving some money.

Work With An Experience Realtor

An experienced realtor will assist you in finding the perfect rate for your house loan. Moreover, he or she will also help you in sailing through the process as smoothly as possible. In Chicago the Kale Realty company is such a reputable broker with access to a large inventory of real estates offers in all price ranges. For some, buying their first property would mean living in it in the next months or so while some buyers also prefer to purchase property while the market is underpriced for the purpose of gaining more income. People who choose the latter allow themselves a few more years to earn and save extra money for a bigger home in the future.

For example, more people are buying properties in Chicago for a bargain as the prices are down by 20% from the top due to the economic struggle since 2008. These buyers can then rent out the place for cash income and use the property as a form of investment until the owners choose to either move to the property in a few short years or sell it again once the economy in Chicago, Illinois starts to improve.

Keep Your Finances In Check

The home buying process can be a bit cumbersome, especially when you want to purchase a property in a competitive neighborhood. To help you stay financially stable for the incoming expenses, you have to avoid any significant purchases. Some examples here are purchasing fancy furniture, taking out a car loan or opening up another credit line.

This is also not the best time to quit your job or decrease your work hours. Be open to your realtor about the standing of your finances. That way, he or she can offer you the perfect properties for the price that you can afford.

Don’t Go Beyond Your Budget

Lucky home buyers find their dream home in their desired budget within the first few months of looking around. Others may not be as lucky and might need several more months to find their home. While you should never purchase a property you do not love, it is also critical that you do not overstretch your budget and put yourself in a financial stir.

Always remember that paying for something that is out of your budget do not just put a lot of stress on your finances. This can also cause some strain to supply your family’s basic needs. So if you fall in love with a house, but the monthly payments are more than what you can afford, it is time to move on.

Most new property buyers will benefit from taking advice from their selected realtors and from their families who have gone through the entire process of buying their first home. Be on the lookout for the best properties and work with a real estate agent whom you can put your confidence on.

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December 7th


Why people like horror movies
by richard

What is it about scary movies that attract so many people? None knows for sure, although there are lots of potential explanations, most of which are somehow related to psychology. Regardless of the reasons underneath people’s preference for horror movies, horror movie posters have seen an enormous rise lately hellraiser horror movie posterspushed by the growing demand for scary movies.

Horror movie sympathizers simply go wild anytime they see an evil horde of monsters, zombies, vampires, living dead, harridans, revenants, specters, wraiths, lunatics, ghouls, spooks, beasts, ghosts, fiends, changelings, goblins, and shambling sub-humanoids. Of course non horror movie enthusiasts tend to find scary movie characters rather disgusting, but this hasn’t stopped the scary movie craze or horror movie posters especially since the 1970s.

Truth is the history of the horror genre dates way back to the time when the first men started to inhabit our planet, as humans throughout time seem to have always taken pleasure in scaring their peers. In film and printed media like horror movie posters, this tendency towards fear and terror is also almost as old as the medium itself, as evidenced by the fact that skeletons and evil creatures were present in the early film versions of the classic stories ‘Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’ (1908), and ‘Frankenstein'(1910).

Those who like the genre say that watching scary films generates a big deal of adrenalin, coupled with suspense, and of course, fear. There is a very slim line between fear and excitement, or so we hear. This sure explains why the horror movie posters or the genre in general is far from extinction, and why the scary motion picture audience is one of the most loyal audiences today, to the extreme that they have created sort of a scary flick ‘cult’.

Something similar can be said about horror movie posters fans. In our fast paced days of free trade and globalization, whenever a new scary film is released there are also posters that comes hand in hand with it. This way, scary flick fans in Tokyo have the same chance to get their favorite horror movie posters than folks in New York City , London or Melbourne. Isn’t that awesome?

Although the list of great horror movie posters is quite long, probably the top ten picks are the following horror movie posters: ‘The Exorcist’ (film released in 1973), ‘The Haunting’ 1963), ‘Psycho’ (1960), ‘Dawn of the Dead’ (1978), ‘Alien’ (1979), ‘The Shining'(released in 1980), ‘Dead by Dawn: Evil Dead 2′ (1987), ‘Halloween’ (film released in 1978), ‘The Evil Dead’ (1982), and ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ posters (film r28 days later horror movie posterseleased in 1984).

Most of us would agree on that many of these movies definitely fall into the classic film poster category. C’mon, let’s face it: who, as a teenager in the 1980s, didn’t have a Freddy (from ‘Nightmare on Elm Street ‘) poster hanging from their bedroom walls or locker at school? Anywhere you looked there was Freddy and his scary metal claws!!!

Types of horror movies

According to some experts, there are at least four types of scary movies: Monster, Slasher Flicks or Dead Teenager movies, Smart scary films, and Gore Galore. As we mentioned earlier, the first sub category, Monster horror motion pictures can be traced to the origins of the film industry. Both ‘Frankenstein’ and ‘Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’ are perfect examples of the typical monster flick, where a monster or some kind of frightening creature is placed into a strange setting and then a group of people is added to act as a buffet for the monster.

This kind of scary films revived in the 1950s with movies such as ‘The Blob’, ‘The Fly’, and ‘The Thing’ and was emphasized further in the 1970s with flicks such as ‘Alien’, ‘Tentacles’, and ‘Jaws; followed in the 1980’s by some newer and even cute monsters such as ‘Chucky’, everyone’s favorite killer doll. Some of the most demanded movie posters in this subcategory are ‘Poltergeist’, ‘Aliens’, the ‘Chucky’ series movie posters, and ‘An American Werewolf in London’.

The second type of scary films, Slasher Flicks, appeared in 1979 when the movie ‘Halloween’ was released. This film was quite dark and bad in acting and basically portrayed a killer in a mask that murdered baby sitters. However, it fascinated audiences and critics alike, giving way to a new horror movie sub category. Other flicks such as ‘Friday The 13th’, ‘Halloween 2′, ‘Scream’, and ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ followed and became huge hits. There are horror movie posters available for each and every one of these films, and many other slasher flicks.

Next there are smart scary movies. The best selling horror movie posters into this sub category are ‘Rosemary’s Baby’, ‘Silence of the Lambs’, ‘The Devil’s Advocate’, ‘The Exorcist’, ‘Mouth of Madness’, and ‘Event Horizon’ posters. In general terms, smart horror films are quite dramatic and sometimes slow. Jason x horror movie posters. Nonetheless, many people consider that some of the best motion pictures are smart horror flicks. Last there is Gore Galore films. Some of the most popular horror movie posters into this sub category are ‘Dead Alive, ‘Dead Alive 2′, ‘Event Horizon’, ‘Wishmaker’, and the ‘Living Dead’ series posters.

Some of the vilains are fat some are skinny, but they are more often slim as they move fast, this is why they are scary. So there is no need for a green coffee bean weight loss program for these evil creatures, they are just mean and lean by themselves. Zombies in particular are never obese.

Most recent horror movies

Some of the most recent items added to the horror movie posters category include ‘Dawn of the Dead’, ‘Bubba Ho-Tep’, ‘Thou Salt Not’, ‘Evil Remains’, ‘Koma’, ‘Night Watch’, ‘Vampires: The Turning’, ‘Satan’s Little Helper’, ‘Dark Water’, ‘Undead’, ‘Dracula 3: Legacy’, ‘Rottweiler’, ‘Hellraiser: Deader’, ‘High Tension’, ‘Land of the Dead’, and ‘House of Wax’ posters.

If you are looking for some scary times, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our extensive collections of great horror movie posters and choose your favorites. We are always adding new items to this category, so visit us often!

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December 13th